Omnidocs and Dania Software A/S join forces with the support of Main Capital

  • 30-04-2024
  • Press release
Omnidocs, a Danish company backed by Main Capital Partners acquires a majority stake in Dania Software, a Danish Document Creation provider with international presence.

The acquisition marks the first step in Omnidocs buy-and-build strategy since the start of the partnership with Main Capital in January 2024.

Founded in 2015, Dania Software is a Danish document creation software provider delivering template management, document accessibility tools and electronic signature solutions primarily to the Danish public sector but also to international clients across Europe. Today, Dania Software services c. 200 customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and UK with a customer base consisting primarily of public sector and larger corporates like Accura Advokatpartnerskab, Dublin City Council and the Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation. Dania Software has a scalable solution suitable for the international markets, with increasing traction abroad in both the private and public market. A key factor for Dania Software’s continued presence in the public sector is the various integration possibilities, where Dania Software’s solutions integrates with more than 40 vital business systems.
Omnidocs, a leading Smart Document Creation software provider

Dania Software marks the first add-on acquisition for Omnidocs and will allow Omnidocs to expand into new verticals and strengthen offering towards public clients while further solidifying Omnidocs leading position in the Danish EIM market. With more than 1,100 customers served through its local presence in Denmark, Norway and US, the combined group will be well-positioned to become a leading document creation software provider in Europe and US. The combination will improve the value proposition towards both existing and new clients in a highly competitive market.

Lars Hintze Andersen, CEO, Dania Software: “We have always respected and appreciated the Omnidocs team and their product offering towards a wide group of customer segments, and with our keen focus on the public sector we are finally bringing together all of the smartest experts within the field of document production to create an even stronger offering across and more value for our combined customers.”

Jeppe Schytte-Hansen, CEO, Co-founder, Omnidocs: “The acquisition of Dania Software is a strategic choice and a natural step in the direction of building a healthy and solid powerhouse within smart document creation with the purpose of making workdays work better for potentially billions(!) of people that on a daily basis interact with documents. We want to increase their productivity and reduce their frustrations. I am very pleased to welcome our new colleagues from Dania Software. We have known the company for a long time without collaborating, but from now on we will be collaborating on making the very best solutions and creating a ton of value for our clients. Combined we are now influencing 3 million people’s daily work with documents”

Wessel Ploegmakers, Partner & Head of Nordics at Main Capital Partners, concludes: “The combination will strengthen the groups position in the Danish market while further improving positioning towards the public clients and increase market penetration in Denmark. The acquisition is an important step in Omnidocs growth journey and is a testament to Omnidocs’ commitment of becoming one of the leading document creation software providers globally, and we are excited to see what the future brings.”

The acquisition is an important step in Omnidocs growth journey and is a testament to Omnidocs’ commitment of becoming one of the leading document creation software providers globally.

- Wessel Ploegmakers, Partner & Head of Nordics at Main Capital Partners


Dania Software

Dania Software, founded in 2015, is a Danish software company headquartered in Slagelse with over 20 employees. The company offers industry-leading solutions for template management, document accessibility and email signature software to public and private clients across the Nordics and UK.


Omnidocs was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company delivers multi-tenant software solutions for document creation, automation and content creation to multi-national enterprises and public sector organizations globally. The software integrates seamlessly with other enterprise applications and consists of document automation, accessibility products as well as productivity tools. In addition, the company provides added value to its customers through consultancy services. Today, the company employs over 80 people, primarily based at the HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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