Qics expands footprint in the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) market with strategic acquisition of Fortes

  • 29-02-2024
  • Press release
Marking its second addition since partnering with Main Capital Partners two years ago, Qics proudly announces the acquisition of Fortes, a distinguished Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) software specialist.

Following the recently announced acquisition of Danish PPM company ProjectFlow by Qics, the acquisition of Fortes further builds upon Qics' strategic vision of expanding its Project Portfolio and Strategic Portfolio Management expertise. The collaboration between Qics and Fortes results in a combined best-of-breed software proposition, leading to an even more complete suite of features being provided to its existing and future customers.

Established in 1997, Fortes provides an extensive software platform for Project Portfolio Management, enabling customers to optimize their change governance and strategic planning on C-level. The software offers comprehensive insights into capacity and progress, while minimizing costs and risks. Fortes’ strong market position is underpinned by a large customer base to whom the software is instrumental, such as Friesland Campina, Vopak, and Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax Authority).

As a result of the complementary offerings of Qics and Fortes, the combination will support clients with an even more complete suite of features and a wide range of integration possibilities. Based on ProjectFlow’s expertise in Microsoft integrations, and further supported by the Fortes’ current development of a new complementary software product, Fortes 365, seamless Microsoft 365 integrations will be of continued importance in the combined strategy going forward. Clients are moreover expected to enjoy Qics’ deeply-rooted Power BI dashboarding capabilities within the collective PPM offering. This will enable customers to leverage data across systems/projects and to facilitate comprehensive portfolio reporting, with insights in progress and costs for both internal and external projects.

Eddy Plasier, CEO of Qics, comments: “Our ambition to internationalize is at the forefront of this collaboration. By integrating Fortes and ProjectFlow into our strategic vision, we are not only expanding our PPM offerings but also actively contributing to our growth in North-Western Europe. This alliance positions us to cater to a broader clientele and reinforces our commitment to delivering excellence in Project Portfolio Management solutions.”

Sander Nijenhuis, Founder of Fortes, adds: “This partnership underscores the synergy between Qics and Fortes, combining our strengths to offer a holistic change governance and planning solution. The collaboration enhances our collective ability to address the diverse demands of both public and private customers, solidifying our position as leaders in the evolving North-Western European PPM- landscape.”

Ivo van Deudekom, Investment Director of Main Capital Partners, concludes: “As Qics takes a milestone step with the addition of Fortes, we are excited to further enhance the capabilities and growth of the combined company. We believe Fortes’ strengths in strategic portfolio management and C-level portfolio governance form a great stepping stone for Qics’ further growth towards becoming a leading player in the North-Western European PPM landscape.”

As Qics takes a milestone step with the addition of Fortes, we are excited to further enhance the capabilities and growth of the combined company.

- Ivo van Deudekom, Investment Director at Main Capital Partners



Established in 1997 and headquartered in Enschede, Fortes is a leading provider of Strategic Project Portfolio Management software. The platform is designed to accelerate strategic change, providing comprehensive insights and grip on  progress, allocated capacity, costs, and risks. With a passionate team of over 20 employees, Fortes has been a key player in the industry for over two decades. The company serves a diverse client base of over 120 customers  and over 100,000 users worldwide. While rooted in the Netherlands, the company extends its reach to clients in Belgium, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the UK, showcasing Fortes’ adaptability across various sectors. The company’s client based includes municipalities, governmental institutions, corporates, and healthcare organizations.


Founded in 2000, Qics is a dynamic company with over 50 employees and offices in Katwijk, Odense, and Slovakia. Qics develops software for internal and external Project Management (including PPM), known to stand out for their user-friendliness, efficient and attractive design, and international scalability.  Qics serves a diverse client based of c. 450 customers at a national and international level. Customers include business service providers in accountancy (i.e.  Lansigt Accountants and Tax Advisors and Vermetten Accountants and Advisors), consultancy (i.e. Verdonck, Klooster & Associates and House of Performance), IT (i.e. Ximedes and xxllnc), the healthcare sector (i.e. Vierstroom Hulp Thuis and Florein Zorg), with moreover a strong position in the public sector (Municipality of Copenhagen, GLS, and the Danish Tax Authority).

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