PeakAvenue strengthens its position as industry leader through the acquisition of Isograph

  • 19-03-2024
  • Press release
PeakAvenue, a portfolio company of Main Capital Partners since 2022, announced the acquisition of UK-based Isograph, a leading provider of Safety Engineering software.

Through the combination, PeakAvenue significantly strengthens its international presence and gains a stronger foothold in the UK and strategic industries, fortifying its position as leader in Engineering & Quality Management Software.

Established in 1986, Isograph’s comprehensive product suite comprises a broad range of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) solutions, being the go-to-vendor for Fault Tree software for blue chip clients around the world. The company has offices near Manchester (Warrington), UK and Salt Lake City, Utah. Isograph initially provided consultancy and software development services in safety and reliability fields. Over time, the company began development and support of ‘off-the-shelf’ reliability products. Isograph’s software is used by over 1,900 clients with a strong footprint in the UK, USA, Germany, and Australia. Customers are from various engineering verticals such as Aerospace, Semi-Conductors, Energy, Defense, Automotive, Transportation, Medical, and Telecommunications, amongst others.

Strong market-fit
With its RAMS software, Isograph is a logical expansion of PeakAvenue’s platform, which strengthens the software suite by covering a white spot in PeakAvenue’s portfolio by adding Fault Tree Analysis and Functional Safety functionalities. This will enable significant cross-sell opportunities to, amongst others, Isograph’s blue chip customer base in the UK and USA. PeakAvenue, on the other side, will support Isograph in expanding its footprint in Continental Europe and integrate Isograph’s software into the PeakAvenue Cloud Platform. The combination leverages Isograph’s proficiency in functional safety and security analysis and adds another component to PeakAvenue’s goal to offer an unbeatable, highly integrated and web-based software suite along the entire “Digital Thread” – from idea to product over the entire product lifecycle. Both companies cater to similar clients.

Richard Pullen, CTO and Co-Founder of Isograph, comments: “We are excited to join forces with PeakAvenue and contribute our extensive experience in Functional Safety and Security analysis. Together, we aim to create unparalleled solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and accelerate the web-development of our software.”

Stephen Flanagan, CEO and Co-Founder of Isograph, comments: “We are very pleased to be joining the PeakAvenue group. Our software products are complementary to each other, and that combination will provide a powerful set of solutions for quality, system safety, reliability and asset performance practitioners.”

As industries witness a surge in the importance of functional safety and security analysis, especially in highly regulated sectors like aerospace and MedTech, Isograph’s expertise becomes instrumental. The increasing connectivity across industries propels the demand for robust systems engineering, safeguarding products and systems from external threats and malfunctions. The combined group employs an exceptional team of around 155 employees dedicated to supporting the ongoing development and support of the world’s leading quality and safety software products.

Ulrich Mangold, CEO of PeakAvenue, adds: “We are happy to welcome Isograph as our new member in the PeakAvenue team. The market is – driven by disruptive technologies in many verticals – urging for strong Functional Safety solutions. Our customers will be strongly benefiting from this combined software solution covering the entire quality centric digital thread.”

Dorian Berndt, Investment Director at Main Capital Partners, concludes: “Main is proud to support the continued growth and strategic expansion of PeakAvenue. The acquisition of Isograph marks another milestone for PeakAvenue in its quest to becoming the leading software provider in the field of engineering and quality.”

The acquisition of Isograph marks another milestone for PeakAvenue in its quest to becoming the leading software provider in the field of engineering and quality."

- Dorian Berndt, Investment Director at Main Capital Partners



Isograph, founded in 1986, is a leading provider in the Functional Safety & Security sector. The company, headquartered near Manchester (Warrington), UK, and with a presence in Salt Lake City, Utah, has evolved into a dynamic force in safety and reliability fields. Initially specializing in consultancy and software development, Isograph has expanded its offerings to include a diverse range of ‘off the shelf’ reliability products. Isograph’s software solutions are utilized by over 1,900 companies spanning 12,000 sites in 75 countries. Catering to various engineering verticals such as Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Nuclear, Chemical, Educational, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Medical, Defense, Telecommunications, and Electronics, Isograph’s integrated reliability and safety software encompasses Prediction, FaultTree, Reliability Block Diagram Analysis, FMECA, Event Tree Analysis, Weibull Analysis, Markov Analysis, Safety Assessment, and more.


PeakAvenue is a dynamic and innovative international software solutions company for engineering and quality management. It was founded in 2022 through the merger of two well-known German companies PLATO GmbH and iqs Software GmbH. PeakAvenue offers a comprehensive suite of high-quality tools and services, tailored to meet diverse industry needs, fostering continuous improvement and excellence in the global market. Thanks to the many years of experience of the founding companies, PeakAvenue focuses on providing state-of-the-art software solutions for product lifecycle management, risk analysis, and requirements engineering, empowering businesses to enhance product development efficiency and compliance. In addition, PeakAvenue is a leading provider of quality management software (Computer Aided Quality, CAQ), helping organizations streamline their quality control processes, achieve regulatory compliance, and elevate overall product quality. PeakAvenue stands for trend-setting solutions that guide engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers along the Digital Thread.

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