Zig adds mutation and maintenance platform of Casix to its portfolio

  • 15-11-2022
  • Press release
Zig, the market leader for best-of-breed software solutions in the real estate industry, has acquired software company Casix, supported by Main.

Zig, the market leader for best-of-breed software solutions in the real estate industry, has acquired software company Casix. This strengthens Zig’s market position and brings in an experienced and reliable partner in the field of digitalization and streamlining of complex change of tenant and maintenance processes. Casix is Zig’s second strategic add-on since Main’s investment in November 2021.

An innovative real estate cloud platform

Casix is the market leader with its cloud solution for real estate maintenance, in which associations and chain partners work together in on environment to handle maintenance requests efficiently while taking into account the needs of the customers. With the use of Casix, maintenance processes are greatly simplified because Casix offers a unique platform to which both contractors and housing associations are connected. All important matters are recorded in this digital repository including the specific task, expected delivery date and lists of required materials. In addition, Casix facilitates clear and transparent communication for all parties involved, whereby all agreements, tasks and prices are recorded in the platform. This means that all process steps are clear before the maintenance order is executed. Zig and Casix have joint ambition for the housing association- and the wide real estate sector: to digitize the chain processes concerning change of tenant and ‘repair’ from head to tail for employees, customer and chain partners. Together Zig and Casix can optimally digitize processes and engage tenants as much as possible. This will deliver both efficiency and higher customer satisfaction as tenants are better informed and employees can easily access available information.

Gerbert Kooij, director of Zig: “We are very pleased to announce the addition of Casix. Casix’ maintenance platform complements Zig’s product portfolio in many ways. Jointly, they cover for instance the entire change of tenant process. The acquisition offers many useful integrations between Casix’ change of tenant process app and Zig’s housing system. The aim is to inform home seekers even better about the current status of a vacant home. In addition, tenants will soon be able to follow the repair request process completely. This is a win-win situation for all parties involved. ”

Joining forces with Casix fits in with Zig’s best-of-breed strategy, in which process optimization and standardization are important starting points.

Kobbe van Daatselaar, CTO at Zig, explains: “The combined product portfolio enables real estate organizations to further optimize two-labor-intensive processes and improve the customer experience. The change of tenant and maintenance process is now partly covered within the separate solutions of Zig and Casix. Thanks to the collaboration, we cover almost the entire process, resulting in a significantly improved process. In this way it will be possible to improve the efficacy of advertising texts within the Zig offerings platform and to proactively inform tenants about the progress of a repair request, for example via a push notification from the app. Zig and Casix both have a strong focus on the use of CORA and VERA, the industry standards. Partly because of this, working with Casix is a logical choice for us.”

Remco van Niekerk and Eco Moll, partners at Casix, also see the collaboration as a step forward. Remco van Niekerk: “Casix and Zig are clearly complementary, both in terms of product portfolio and in terms of technology, 1 + 1 = 3 really applies. I also see a real fit in the culture of our companies, where we also add international experience. I am very proud of what we have achieved with Casix and I am convinced that the combination with Zig gives a new dimension to the development of software for all parties in the change of tenant process and maintenance chains.”

Eco Moll adds: “Zig shares our sector-oriented approach, as well as the focus on innovative software that optimally supports work processes and is easy to use. As part of Zig, we can further develop our vision and offer both associations and contractors even more added value.”

The entire Casix team is incorporated into Zig’s organization. With this, Zig not only enriches its current portfolio with an innovative software platform, but also brings in an experienced team. With the additions of Casix, Zig now has approximately 150 employees.



Zig was founded in 2011 and has acquired a leading position in the association and commercial real estate market. Zig supplies its software to a broad customer base of more than 160 organizations. Example of customers include De Alliantie, Rochdale, Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden, DUWO, Mooiland, Klik voor Wonen, Thuis in Limburg, Elkien, Bouwinvest and A.S.R. The company has approximately 125 employees.


Founded in 2014, Casix is a provider of cloud solutions for housing associations. The company offers a wide range of web portals and mobile apps aimed at self-service for tenants and support for field staff and chain partners. Casix is the market leader with its change of tenant process solution and also facilitates simplification of maintenance processes between associations and contractors. Casix supports more than 50 associations and has now connected more than 75 contractors to its platform. Examples of customers include Mitros, Beter Wonen Almelo, Eigen Haard, Ymere, Vecht & Omstreken, Woonbron, De Variabele and Hemubo. The Casix organization has approximately 25 employees.

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